A Random Walk Around The Internets

by Shawanda Greene

What better way to start the week off than with a little roundy roundup of stuff that happened last week? I tried to get this out on Saturday. Really, I did. But, you know…sleep happens.


I’ve been tremendously blessed in the weak job market we’ve experienced over the last couple years. Unfortunately, with an unemployment rate that’s now crept back up to 9.2%, many of my fellow Americans may not feel the same way. If you’ve struggled to find gainful employment, here are two books you need to pick up from your local library (if you still have one) immediately: 48 Days to the Work You Love and No More Mondays by Dan Miller.

I’ve read them both. I love them both.

A precious You Have More Than You Think reader reminded me of how awesome Dan Miller is when he forwarded me an article from the author’s blog. In the post, This Is Why You’re Not Rich, there’s a link to a  FREE ebook, The Science of Getting Rich. Honestly, I’ve never read the book, but I’ve heard its wonders touted so many times by so many successful people, I can’t help but give it two thumbs up by proxy.


I finally bought a Kindle, and I frickin’ love that thing, man! However, there is one problem I’ve run up against. I can’t stop buying books. I shoulda known. A mere mortal like myself is no match for the marketing gods over at Amazon. Since I don’t particularly enjoy shelling out hundreds of dollars on books, “e” or otherwise, I set out to expand my network of “friends” who have Kindles and ebooks to loan. That’s when I found Booklending.com, “a website that matches lenders and borrowers of Kindle ebooks.” I’m grateful for this service, but isn’t it one of those things that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”


For years, I’ve dreaded cutting pineapples. Even when they’re on sale, I sometimes pass them over just because I don’t wanna deal with cutting one. And shamefully, I’ve let a few mold in the plastic grocery bag I brought them home in. Well, no more. Thanks to this how-to video by Right at Home, my pineapple cutting anxiety days are over.


As you may well know, I’m trying my hand at couponing again. While reading an email newsletter from Money Wise Moms, I stumbled upon a blog post that I think is quite helpful for a coupon novice. In How to Find Local Grocery Deal Blogs, whoever wrote the post shows you how to do exactly what she indicated she’d do in the title. I mean, I dunno what else you want to say.

SMH – That’s internet speak for “shaking my head” in disapproval or disgust.

Thank you to Alonzo over at Mocha Money for sharing this wonderful, visual depiction of the happy and fantastically broke American family in his post The Typical American Family.

As an added bonus, I’m pretty psyched to finally find a good source of infographics dedicated to the world of personal finance. Seriously. You have no idea how this web site (Visual Economics) is gonna change my life.

average american family The American Familys Financial Turmoil


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Andrea @SoOverDebt August 19, 2011 at 11:43 PM

Love seeing the love for Visual Economics! I would be embarrassed to admit how much time I've spent browsing that site. Love it!

I don't know how much the Kindle is capable of, but there's an app for iPad/iPhone/Android that allows you to use your library card number to borrow ebooks. It's called Overdrive Console and it ROCKS! I've made it a goal not to buy any more books because there are so many great ones available for free. I'll have to check out the lending site you mentioned – I have a ton of Kindle books I could loan out.


DarylKPlyler July 21, 2016 at 8:10 AM

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