Career Prospects and Job Hunting Tips for a New Mother

by Guest Poster

Going back to work can be a very emotional time for a new mother.

The choice to return to the work force is filled with a million questions like

  • How am I going to work and care for my child?
  • How will I pay for daycare?
  • Will my employer think I’m a less dedicated work?

Layer those questions with a hefty portion of guilt for abandoning your child (ugh!) and you have the beginning of an exciting new adventure we like to call working motherhood.

Toss your fears and concerns aside, your child will not become some homicidal monster because you went back to work.

Working mother with child in front of laptopHere’s the best advice I received when my son was born, almost seven years ago: Pursue the job you want and child care will figure itself out.

In other words, get the job first and figure out the kids second. Your childcare options are more extensive than you realize.

Once you decide what you want, explore the prospects. With a little research into what your specific area has to offer, I’m sure you’ll find many more opportunities.

9 to 5

Work standard business hours and there are tons of child care centers, babysitters, and preschools available where you can leave your kid safely during the day.

Research programs funded by the state or the city school district. Some are provided at no cost. For instance, Los Angeles has a program called LAUP–a preschool division of their Unified School District that provides free preschool enrollment all over the city.

Many corporations offer in-office childcare as an employee perk. When applying for jobs, gravitate toward positions at companies like these.

A Flexible Schedule

If a flexible schedule is most important to you, consider positions in the hospitality industry. These jobs lend themselves to flexible arrangements and afford workers the luxury of covering their shifts easily and making themselves available for parts of their lives that take priority over work.

These jobs are no cakewalk. They force you to do manual labor and deal with the public, two things I personally found to be equally grueling. Explore other careers in your area that may lend themselves to the same type of flexibility, and see if there’s one that might work for you.

Stay at Home

I knew I wanted to stay home with my second child, but I still needed to work. This is actually how I find myself in a dialogue with you. I hadn’t even considered this as an option, writing my own experiences to help others. The lessons I learned from this is to keep an open mind.

The internet provides people with endless possibilities when it comes to making money online. You can write, set up an online store, or even teach–all from the comfort of your home. If you’re dedicated and willing to push yourself, you can do whatever your heart desires.

Being a mom doesn’t limit you. Your only obstacle is yourself.

Jennifer Ricci is a new mother who works with people and their personal finances for Cedar Education Lending. When she isn’t working or caring for her new baby she writes for popular blogs.

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femmefrugality September 5, 2012 at 11:09 AM

I love this approach to the child care search. There’s day care facilities, nannies, or even family members that may be able to help out. Figure yourself out first, then figure out how/if you need to address child care.
femmefrugality recently posted..Guest Post at So Over ThisMy Profile


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