Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb 21, 2011

by Shawanda Greene

Another Sunday, another Menu Plan for Monday.

Hehehe. You see what I did there?

First, let’s pat ourselves on our collective backs for sticking to a menu plan. I’ve learned there’s so much you can accomplish when you don’t spend 3 hours a day watching television. (However, I really do miss Jersey Shore.) :(

I was able to make it through the entire work week without buying any food from restaurants. When I finished my prepared lunch Thursday afternoon, I happily snatched up a leftover chicken wrap from an earlier office meeting. As a result, Friday’s lunch was a cinch. Now, I didn’t cook anything on Saturday due to an impromptu trip to New York City. But I don’t feel guilty one ounce. After all, I saved a ton of money last week.

Look what I made.

Garlic Baked Chicken Wings

Garlic baked chicken wings are rapidly becoming one of my favorite foods. They're so easy to make.

Yellow Rice

It's just the Mahatma Saffron Yellow Rice, but boy, is it delicious.

Broccoli, Peppers & Mushrooms

Mmm. I didn't prepare this, but the person who did is a fine cook. I'm so glad I was able to use my mushrooms before they spoiled.

You should’ve seen the stew I made. It was gobbled up so fast I couldn’t even get a picture of it. As long as I continue to make productive use of my time, this week will be even better than the last.

Monday – Korean Fried Chicken (I’m still in New York and not cooking.)

Tuesday – Beef and Onion Stuffed Potatoes and Asparagus

Wednesday – Baked Chicken, Indian Spiced Rice and Collard Greens

Thursday/Friday -Baked Pork Chops, Green Beans and Rice

Saturday – Fried Catfish, Frittata with Bacon and Grits (Let’s not pretend we always eat healthy.)

By the way, I’m still shunning recipes. Even though I’m not meticulously measuring ingredients, it’s helpful to get inspiration for highly rated recipes.

Find other menu plan options on Menu Plan Monday at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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Aloysa February 21, 2011 at 12:17 PM

I totally agree with you that if we don't watch TV for 3 hours, we can accomplish a lot! I don't cook (my husband does) but girl, I loved those pictures. I am coming back for more recepies. :-)

We also try to come up with a meal plan for at least 4 days a week out of 5 (weekends are hectic and we decide what we eat right on a spot.) It does save money a lot. And provides lunches!


Sandy @ yesiamcheap February 21, 2011 at 9:00 PM

Korean fried chicken is one of life's best things. Enjoy them while you're here. I hope you're in Korea Town.


Michelle Hughes October 10, 2011 at 7:52 AM

My menu plan does not take much effort…a box of Kashi Go Lean and a half gallon of reduced fat milk for breakfast, lunch & dinner. My job requires me to travel, i normally raid the breakfast buffet for their fruit, yogurt, honey & PB to snack on throughout the day and pocket my food per diem. On the weekend, I’m eating at someone else’s house. I call it being frugal.


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