The Solution to Impulse Spending – Impulse Saving

by Shawanda Greene

For many, resisting the temptation to purchase items they don’t need and may not even really want is a never ending struggle.

After defeating your inner impulse buying demon, what do you do with the money you saved?

There are so few barriers to spending, why not make saving a little easier?

That’s where ImpulseSave comes in.

ImpulseSave is a free software that makes saving fun, easy, and portable. 

Whether saving for an 8-month emergency fund, a European vacation, or FinCon 2012, you’ll be able to effortlessly reach you financial goals.

ImpulseSave let’s you reward yourself (with your own cash) every time you choose saving over spending:

  • When you realize you don’t actually need another “miracle” shampoo
  • When you pass by the nail salon and forego the awesome mani/pedi deal of the day
  • When an item sits in your Amazon shopping cart so long it’s no longer available from the seller

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you’re standing in the checkout line at the supermarket, when you spot on the cover of a celebrity gossip magazine that your favorite reality star may be pregnant. The cashier is ringing up your groceries at lightning speed. You feverishly flip through the mag trying to locate the article. “Is she pregnant? Who’s the baby’s daddy?” Before you can find the story, it’s time for you to pay up.

Do you go ahead and buy the magazine so that you can read it over a cup of hot tea when you get home? Or do you save your $5, and put it back?

Wisely, you return the magazine to its proper place for some other sucker to buy it.

The cashier hands over your receipt, and you notice that discounts and coupons saved you another $10.

Before you can blow the $15 you just saved, transfer it to your ImpulseSave savings account.

Even though you can make wire transfers from your checking account to your savings account using your computer, the most powerful feature of ImpulseSave is your ability to save on the go.

Simply text how much money you’d like to transfer to your ImpulseSave savings account using your mobile phone.

Put that money aside at the exact moment you make a decision to avoid an unplanned purchase.

To learn more, check out the ImpulseSave About page and the infographic below.

ImpulseSave Infographic

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