Weekly Roundup – More Money Edition

by Shawanda Greene

Yippee! It’s Friday, and I can finally catch up on some much needed rest.

But first, let me tell you what I read this week and what you should read too.

143 Money Tips: Deal with ‘Financial Haters’, Take on DIY Projects, Talk Yourself Out of Traffic Tickets and More by Brad Tuttle via It’s Your Money

You have no idea how excited I am that one of my blog posts *clears throat* The 5 Most Financially Dangerous Haters (and How to Stand Up to Them) was mentioned in this article. I’ve gotten a ton of traffic to my site from it.

Besides me, there are some really great bloggers linked to in the article. I kicked the cable Kool-Aid habit years ago, so I found Squawkfox’s Breaking Up With Your Cable Company is Hard to Do particularly useful for those who are having difficulties withdrawing.

Stop Making Excuses. Creating a Second Stream of Income is Not Difficult by Evan at My Journey to Millions

Okay, I admit that picking on whiners, complainers, and do nothing knuckleheads makes me feel better about myself.

There. I’m glad I said it.

I’m also glad that Evan aired his frustration in dealing with people who constantly make excuses. He’s not alone. Even when you provide people with solid gold advice, they still come up with “reasons” your ideas won’t work for them. It’s exhausting. You’re better off focusing your efforts on people who fully appreciate your genius.

21 Ways to Make Extra Income from Home by John Frainee via Christian PF

Your expenses are only one part of the wealth building equation. The easiest way to become rich is to substantially increase your cash inflow while carefully managing your cash outflow. Hats off to John Frainee for providing practical ways to generate some extra cash.

“For the love of God, go to college.” by Liz Weston at Ask Liz Weston

Liz Weston sets us straight on the actual facts about the increasing disparity between those who have a 4-year degree and those who don’t. We all hear about the stories of the unemployed lawyer with $200K in private student loan debt. But did you know that the median, cumulative student loan debt upon completion of a bachelor’s degree in 2007-2008 was only about $20,000? That’s a pretty manageable debt load.

Generational Poverty by Revanche at A Gai Shan Life

Revanche expresses beautifully how she stays motivated. The kid really seems to have had it rough. So if she can persist, most of us should be ashamed for quitting every time we face a minor bump in the road.

So, that’s it.

Thanks for playing.

Enjoy your weekend.

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FabulouslyBroke.com February 26, 2011 at 8:22 AM

I LOVE Revanche's post. Going to read Liz Weston's one now.


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